ASI - Text Messaging

ASI offers engaging Text Message Marketing.

Text messages have a read rate of 95%. That’s 9 times more than direct mail! With a response rate of over 20%! Stay in instant contact with your customers. We offer:

Coupon/Wallpaper - Downloads


Mobile Coupons


ASI - Email Marketing

Create powerful relationships with your clients using ASI’s Email Marketing Program.

The majority of marketers select email as the most important marketing tool. Use email campaigns to keep in touch with your customer base, share information relevant to them to establish yourself as the expert in your industry and reward loyal customers with special offers.


ASI - Social Media

Discover the power of on-line/local marketing using ASI’s Social Media platform.

Facebook has never been easier! We create your Facebook Fan Page then give you the controls to schedule posts, create custom tabs and give others permission to edit your page. The perfect tool to help the busy business owner stay on top of their social marketing efforts.


ASI - Online Video

We start with a great idea and tons of creativity.

Advantage Video is perfect for businesses. Whether you are looking to increase product awareness and exposure, achieve higher search rankings or increase site traffic – video is proven to sell.


ASI - Mobile Web

ASI will make your business stand out – even on a smart phone screen!

Over 40% of adults access the internet on their phone, and that number is only going to grow. It is important to have a version of your web site that is optimized for viewing on a small screen.


ASI - Web Sites

You will be amazed by our stunning templates.

Get a freshly designed website with cutting edge design and animations! Select from professional template designs and color palettes that compliment your business image or implement a custom background to create a unique look. Submit a easy to follow form to build your companies site, and make future updates on your own with our Content Management System.